In order to fully comprehend the functioning of the human body, it is necessary to employ other disciplines such as Biophysics and Molecular Biology alongside Medicine, Chemistry, and Biochemistry. Thanks to the synergy between all these, today science is opening new paths in revealing the deepest secrets of the organism. 

2. With the help of these new disciplines a surprising thing has been demonstrated: EVERY CELL, TISSUE AND ORGAN EMITS PARTICULAR ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES. 

Each form of life has its own individual energy field and oscillation, therefore living organisms are characterized not only by chemical processes, but also by an ELECTROMAGNETIC LEVEL OF LIVING MATTER that dialogues with the chemical level, ensuring that molecular traffic is well ordered.

3. The Life Code Bioresonance is a NEUROFEEDBACK technique, which operates at a psycho-physical level and uses the information of the natural electromagnetic field, integrating them with each other or harmonizing them with external frequencies.

It acts at the neuro-frequency level, restoring the control and regulation of the neuro-bio-physical field.

The body has its own natural defensive and regulatory capacity with great healing potential and consequently, during treatment, assimilates the wave information with which it enters into resonance and as a result of this bio-exchange, a  physiological process of regulation and harmonization takes place.

4. Based on the symptoms and causes of the disturbances, it is possible  to calibrate the correction of the detected changes exactly, thus obtaining the maximum result.

We are constantly exposed to a variety of stresses in our daily lives. Food and water treated with chemical additives, but also antennas, repeaters, appliances, Wi-Fi and smartphones expose us continuously to electrosmog radiation, without forgetting the stress, the use of drugs and the bad habits such as smoking, alcohol and sedentary behavior.

Under these conditions, the body's natural regenerative and self-healing capacity may be diminished, which may cause imbalances in our electro-magnetic field.

5. The Life Code Borisonance identifies waves, transmits and receives electromagnetic and scalar informations and treats overloads, that is abnormal peaks in the frequency spectrum, to restore cellular balance and stimulate the regenerative ability of tissues.

It helps to restore and support the psychophysical well-being of the body and eliminates undesirable substances (toxins, viruses, bacteria) or harmful radiation that act on the body by hindering cellular communication and causing various body levels non-specific disorders, generalized malaise, amnesia, chronic fatigue and organic changes with overt symptoms.

6. The emission and reception of these ultra-weak frequencies are used by organic systems to interact with each other, to continuously transmit and receive information essential for the maintenance of homeostasis.

When this information is not received or is weak or disturbed, the body is altered, resulting in a state of malaise that can lead to illness.

The therapeutic system is designed to identify and correct pathological frequencies while also enhancing healthy physiological frequencies; for this reason  it is referred to as highly individual treatment.

In a non-invasive manner, it stimulates the body's self-regulation function to restore its bioenergetic balance.

It is important to point out that the Life Code Bioresonance. is a natural, non-invasive, painless method, free of unwanted side effects, which does not involve any current passage and has no type of contraindication.

The Life Code Bioresonance is effective in treating both acute and chronic diseases.

In a vision of integrated and preventive medicine can also be used in synergy with other therapeutic treatments and is an excellent support for those wishing to maintain their state of well-being, strengthen the immune system and maximize its performance.